American Century is a collection of self-portraits represented by the iconography of a woman throughout a century, illustrated by Emilina Filippo. This collection began to take place from October 2018, completed in April 2019.

"This was a project for my senior show at Monmouth University, to encapsulate creative thought and skill I gained the past four years at college. It was shot entirely on medium format film and on a tripod with self-timer. All of the photos were taken in New Jersey, other than the 1990's which was shot in South Carolina. I wanted to show my hair, makeup, prop, costume design, and set design skills. I also created all of the graphic design aspects of this project such as the text, logos, postcards, posters, shirts etc. This project is my favorite thing in the entire world as I have put all of my effort in this for 6 months straight. I am extremely happy with the outcome, and I hope I can build with more projects like this." -Emilina Filippo 4/3/19