Early Life Background Information

Hey. It's January 11th 2019. I wanted to first dive into speaking about my early life background information that could help you better understand me, Emily Filippo. My brother who is 3 years younger than me was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2009 when he was 8. I was 11. We had to essentially live in CHOP (Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania). My mom would typically sleep there every night for months with him. I continued to go to middle school. It never really hit me until my later years. Until I look back and notice it could be the reason for a lot of my behaviors or personality traits to this day. For example, my biggest fears involve throwing up or vomiting. I have not thrown up in 8 years when I was 13 for whatever reasond. I was absolutely terrified when that happened that I made sure it would never happen again. I live my life avoiding anything that could ever lead me to vomiting or getting sick in general. I will drink so many emergency packets to not get sick, or Vitamin C. Or I will never get in the car with someone that I know would drive poorly to make me nauseous. Or a huge thing is I won't drink alcohol which I will discuss on the next post!