Anxiety and OCD

I have a lot of anxiety! Hey! I am extremely hyperaware of every possible thing. My mind is typically racing at all times with unwanted thoughts too! Fun stuff. I also recently have been diving into depersonalization and derealization. I think all of this is because our society is very hyperaware of mental health now. I understand how this has positive effects on awareness of mental illness and the logistics of it. But in reality, I think ignorance is bliss. I truthfully had a lot less anxiety when I didn't know about anxiety, ocd, or depersonalization etc. The fact that they're classified as disorders is really scary to me. The fact that you should be on medication for some things like this is horrifying to me, especially as someone who is sober and avoids the doctor. I'm trying extremely hard to get out of this homeopathically and naturally. I've never been to a therapist, or ever been on antidepressants. I'm trying my hardest to get over this without anything like that. I also think music and pop culture is what's idolizing and romanticizing mental illness. Nothing is cool about being mentally ill, like at all. I just truly think everything is up to you in your mind. I'm trying as hard as I can to stay grounded and present. I truly think when I'm older and out of college that my life could relax a bit, and minimize anxiety. I feel like our parents don't know anything about anxiety at all which is and isn't comforting. I also think this is all timing. It is literally my last year of schooling, essentially last year of "being young". It's also January and there is almost nothing to do and no one to see. That's absolutely terrifying! I genuinely believe once I am busy and out of school my mind will clear and feel more at peace. In future posts I'm going to discuss what products and things I use to help me relax!