Existentialist Philosophy- Albert Camus

Hi! It's January 27th. In school I'm studying existentialism and philosophy on a deeper level which brings me a constant state of awareness. Currently I've been learning about existentialist philsophers such as Kierkegaard, Chestov, and Jaspers. Existentialists find no meaning in existence, and then attempt to find some sort of transcendence in this very meaninglessness life. Most existentialist philosophers dive into how life is meaningless, but they sort of try to escape from it. What captivated me is the French novelist, playwright, and philsopher named Albert Camus (1913-1960). He explores how an ethical system can be developed without meaning or any type of God. The main premise of Camus' beliefs is that we should accept the meaninglessness in order to live a fulfilling life. That suffering and worry is pointless. Accept the universe, do not turn it away. He provided a representation of the myth of Sisyphus. According to this Greek myth, Sisyphus was punished for eternity to roll a rock up a mountain only to have it roll back down to the bottom when he reaches the top. Camus claims that Sisyphus represents the ultimate ideal absurd hero. His punishment represents human condition, in a sense that he was struggling without hope of success. “So long as he accepts that there is nothing more to life than this absurd struggle, then he can find happiness in it," states Camus.

When I began this reading, I was shocked because I've been thinking about the meaning of life for the past year and have been struggling with severe anxiety regarding that. This reading was assigned as homework and I was shocked that it was on alignment with exactly what I've been feeling and talking about. I agree with Albert Camus' views in every aspect. I believe we should learn to accept the absurd world as it is because it is too complex to fully understand. Human beings love instant fixes, understanding things, and affirmation. We need to learn to be/feel okay with what we have, and to stop trying to understand and control things that are infathomable. Inner peace is not infathomable. Higher figures can make a lot of sense to you on a surface level. Blaming your life problems onto God, and saying "God has a plan for me", is faulty. Life happens day by day. Thinking there's a set plan for your future is where a lot of anxiety stems from. Putting your energy, and blaming your human mistakes/life problems into a God is inefficient. It's just pushing back reality farther into your brain, and clouding it even more. It is you who has the power to make a difference. You are that God you pray to, think/dream of. I believe it is inside each and every human being to find the answers to all of our anxiety, worry, inner traumas etc. Gods and higher figures help aid the process of healing, relief, and trauma. It is an easy quick fix. But over the course of your life, you will realize it is inside YOU, and you will feel enlightened.