Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Hey people of the interweb! Welcome to March 4th 2019! I was talking to one of my best friends Madison Dorn regarding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and it came to me to write this article. OCD is extremely common, especially in people with high IQ's. It creates severe hyperawareness of the self. You can have physical compulsions, or entirely mental compulsions. I have almost entirely mental compulsions. I first developed having severe panic attacks in the spring semester of junior year of college in 2018. It was right when I met my boyfriend, potential soulmate. I am not sure what the correlation is, but I always think about IF there's a correlation. I would shake, have 0 appetite, chest pains, stomach pains, be sweating for no reasons, feeling completley out of my own body, and not be able to go to class. I would have racing and unwanted thoughts of irrational fears. I would often say "I feel like I'm dreaming", when I was entirely awake. It is also a cycle. One day or week I would be stuck in this cycle of circling "scary thoughts", then the next day I could totally return back to normal. It was scaring me and making it worse because I felt like I was losing my sense of identity. Literally makes me uneasy writing this, but I want to help anyone suffering that I can.

I learned that the #1 key to helping ease racing/unwanted thoughts, is NEUTRALITY. Telling yourself that these bad thoughts are neutral, or even good, is a great first step. What really helps, is BELIEVING they are not bad. Your thoughts do not matter, believe it or not. They are thoughts. There is zero impact on the outside world. Everyone still thinks of you as the same person that you were before these thoughts. You are here and you are alive! Take the chance to relax and allow yourself to calm yourself from these taxing thoughts. Naturally and homeopathically is best! It all comes from your thought process and how your brain is wired. These unwanted thoughts are better obviously when you are not thinking about them. But lets try to train ourselves to think of them, and not get upset. Not allow them to control you. That's one of the first steps to fighting, being brave, and overcoming OCD naturally.

Exposure therapy is also very effective in helping OCD. Think of things that scare you, logical or not. Say it's a place. If you're scared of your thoughts about a traumatizing place, drive by that fucking place. Look at it. Okay, what happened? You saw the building and you are alive and here. Try that type of thing with anything you are afraid of.

Sure, pills can ease these in a sedating manner, but do you really want to lose your thoughts and feelings? Your thoughts and feelings make you a human being, which is beautiful! Life is so beautiful and we all want to enjoy it. Having a healthy daily thought process is imperative for a happy life.