Success is a choice.

Happiness is also a choice.

You define your own individual success, and how to get there is your responsibility.

Success is a choice BECAUSE you define your own success.

You can choose to be happy in good and bad situations. Even if the day or your situation is unbearable you can still try your best to see the brightest in the situation. As you all know, time is medicine. However, you shouldn't solely rely on time if you have happiness as a priority. There are things you can actively do to try to see the brightest in bad situations. The act of trying to be optimistic is a first progressive step. You can begin to alter your mindset to be happy with smaller things. You don't need a corvette, or a rolex to be happy. Stop and smell the roses and realize that life is so incomprehensible, and short to be upset and bothered. Train yourself and think of others. Think of other peoples situations. People can be happy with nothing. People can be happy with their families. Or, people can be happy with no family, and just materialistic goods. Everybody is different. I would stop comparing your happiness and success to others'. That is the first step that can aid you to happiness. Develop a clear idea as to what makes you feel content, complete, clear, and happy. Then figure out how to achieve/ get there. Use this as an individual experience and journey.