Being Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

Hi. It's August 25th 2019. I know, I haven't been here in a while but here I am, fashionably late. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism with Hashimoto's Disease (the autoimmune kind, shit.) in early June 2019. I always presumed something was off for the past year or so anyways.

I gained 46lbs total from June 16th 2016 to my peak weight (167.5/169 with clothes on) which was June 26th 2019 (2 months ago).

The first time I noticed there was a drastic weight gain was in August 2017. The past few years I noticed gradual weight gain and everybody, including myself, blamed it on age & the

"stress from college"

First of all, I'm straight edge (no alcohol or drugs) and have been ever since I can remember. Those things are typically what people infer when they say "college". I also don't eat too bad to have gained that much weight as a teenager, early twenties person. Fast forward a bit to January 2018, around the time that I met my long term boyfriend and absolute KING. I was now 135 lbs. This number struck me because forever I've lingered in the 115/117/120 range which fit my body correctly and looked normal, considering I'm 5'1. So this day in January, I recall complaining borderline crying to my terribly dismissive doctor about my weight/ symptoms. My symptoms to be clear, were: fatigue, weight gain, sluggishness, brain fog, always dizzy, anxiety, the list goes on. I recall googling beforehand about thyroid problems. I mentioned it to him, he dismissed me and like a fucking zombie replies softly

"I don't think you have that, but we'll get the bloodwork anyways"

So I get the bloodwork back, it's relatively normal, but slightly elevated TSH, which could mean underactive thyroid, which means hypothyroidism. He said my numbers aren't bad enough to diagnose me/ give me medicine. I also read a lot about how it's quite difficult to get correct medicine for thyroid problems so I wasn't suprised. He told me to forget about it. Here I am, a year & 6 months later, 34 lbs heavier than when I got the initial bloodwork in January of 2018. My TSH in June 2019 ended up being 5, which is more elevated, still not terrible, but enough to treat thank god. My thyroid antibodies were around 622, which is pretty high insinuating Hashimoto's Disease. Perfect, I love this for me. Absolutely awesome. Take note, this man is giving me absolutely zero insight or help whatsoever, so I became avid with googling and researching, which of course doesn't help my health anxiety already being prevalent in my life. I legitimately had to delete Reddit because I was infiltrating their Hypothyroidism subreddit, and probably torturing other worried thyroid patients. Great. (You're almost up to date with my current situation, bear with me). So, for the past 2 months I've been on Levothyroxine 25mg which is the standard dosing for ANY patient with hypothyroidism. Even 80 year olds with thyroid cancer. That's interesting to me.

I understand there should be a basis of dosages to begin your medication journey but there is still something off about putting every single patient in the same box, medicinally.

In my next blog post, I'm going to be discussing my thoughts on the lack of involvement that doctors have, when telling millions of people a year that they have a lifelong disease.