Faith Watts and Aaliyah Jordan

Faith Watts and Aaliyah Jordan

About Millennial Acquaintances

This project includes a collection of black and white portraits of people I barely know from the internet aged 19-24 that wanted to be involved with a project held at my house.

I put out an Instagram story as a social experiment to see who would want to get a free portrait. I initially started this project as a part of my Black and White photography class, and then I builded on to it.

Around 50 people reached out saying they wanted to be a part of this but 11 ended up being involved, as I only needed 10.

The first girl came at noon and the last person came at 6 pm.

I developed the black and white images by hand in a darkroom.

This project intends to illustrate that social media brings together strangers in such an ironically organic way. The internet is real life in 2018 and the years going forward it's only going to advance and bring humans closer to technology.